Azerbaijan at a glance


Establishment date of Republic (National day)

- 28 May 1918

Restoration of independence

- 30 August 1991

Date of joining to the United Nations        

- 2 March 1992

Date of joining to the Council of Europe

- 25 January 2001


- 86,6 thousand km2


- Baku


- Manat


- 10,067 million (2020)

State borders with neighbouring countries

- Iran (765 km) and Turkey (15 km) in the south, Russia (390 km) in the north, Georgia (480 km) in the north-west, Armenia (1007 km) in the west

Political system

The Constitution, adopted on 12 November 1995, defines the Republic of Azerbaijan as a democratic, law-governed, secular and unitary republic. The sole source of state power in Azerbaijan is vested in the people of Azerbaijan. The power in Azerbaijan is divided into the legislative, executive and judicial powers. Each of them acts in accordance with the Constitution and legislative acts. The President is the Head of the state.

The legislative power is held by Milli Majlis (Parliament). Executive power is carried out by the President, while the judicial power is held by the courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

State symbols

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